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  • Recommend for the teenagers (under 18)
  • 17 ml volume capacity to hold blood up to the air holes.
  • Small diameter (38.3mm) measurement
  • Catering to teenagers using the Queen’s menstrual cup for their first periods.
  • For light or regular flow of menstrual fluid.


  • Recommended for women who have never delivered vaginally or have delivered by caesarean section.
  • 24 ml volume capacity to hold blood up to the air holes.
  • Small diameter measurement of 42.5 dm.
  • Catering to women under the age of 30, who haven’t undergone vaginal delivery.
  • For light or regular flow of menstrual fluid.


  • Recommended for women above the age of 30, who have delivered organically (vaginally or normally) once or more times.
  • 30 ml volume capacity to hold blood up to the air holes.
  • diameter measurement of 45.5 dm.
  • For a heavy or regular flow of menstrual fluid.

How does the Queen's cup work?

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influencer holding queens m Cup in her hands

Switching to Queen’s menstrual cup has to be the best decision I’ve ever made! Since then, I have said goodbye to rashes and skin irritation.

Theertha anilkumar (Vlogger)

Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup in India

I love beaches, and stepping into the waters and taking a dip is my favorite thing to do. I used to plan my trips according to my menstrual calendar. It doesn’t matter anymore as Queen’s menstrual cup makes me feel the same. I can swim even on my first day of the cycle!

Gouri Krishna (nutritionist)

influencer with Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup in India

Running to the washroom at random sets in between overnight shoots has always been tiring. Using Queen’s menstrual cup helps me stay productive for long hours! No more hustling to find a toilet!

Anju sherly (Radio jockey)

Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup in India

I made many changes in my life, from avoiding leather and plastic to eating vegan! Disposing of sanitary pads has always made me feel guilty. Well, not anymore, I’m glad to contribute less to the waste generated in this world! Thank you Queen’s menstrual cup!

Abreeda (Law student)


Do you have a question? Confused about something? We have it all answered way before! Keep reading!

Will the Queen’s Menstrual Cups be safe to use?

The Queen’s Menstrual Cup is certified and approved with high-grade medical silicone and does not absorb any fluid, unlike tampons or pads. Being free from harmful substances, the Queen’s menstrual cup doesn’t cause any infections, allergies, or vaginal dryness and does not lead to any fiber residue inside your cervix. The added advantage of the Queen’s menstrual cup is keeping you safe from any toxic shock syndrome unlike other Feminine hygiene products in the market.

Will, it hurt when I insert and remove the Queen’s menstrual cup?

The Queen’s menstrual cup will not hurt you if you follow the right manner of usage. Folding the right way and lubricating the cup with water or water-based lubes can ease the whole process. Also, be careful and gently press the bottom of your cup to release the suction during removal.

Will it go beyond my reach and get lost somewhere inside my body?

No! The Queen’s menstrual cup is held inside the vagina utilizing suction. Once the vacuum is created, it doesn’t move unless force is applied externally. Also, your vagina is in the form of a cul-de-sac, with one single point of entrance and exit. So, you can be completely carefree about the cup once inserted.

Will I be able to use to during sexual intercourse?

No, Since the Queen’s menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina, you’ll have to remove it to involve in sexual intercourse.

Will it restrict me from peeing/pooping?

Not at all! One advantage of Queen’s menstrual cup is that it never interferes with your urination or defecation.

Will it leak while using Queen’s menstrual cup?

If inserted correctly and made sure that it has opened right below your cervix (Not beside), there is no chance for leakage. In case it still shows spotting, your cup may be damaged or you might need a different size of Queen’s menstrual cups. Try altering it with us!

Will the Queen’s menstrual cup lead to me losing my virginity? Will my hymen break?

Nothing including the Queen’s menstrual cup can lose your virginity except sex. Your hymen is a tiny crescent shaper loose skin that can be broken by even high activity levels like swimming or even using a tampon, and it doesn’t stand proof for your virginity.

Will my vagina expand in size while using the Queen’s menstrual cup?

No! Using the Queen’s menstrual cups will not cause any change to your vaginal dimensions. Well, the cup inside your vagina will not make you feel it’s in there; it makes your periods truly impossible.

Will it smell if I use the Queen’s menstrual cup?

No! Your menstrual blood has no odor until it comes in contact with the oxygen. Thus, your Queen’s menstrual cup that stays inside your body can spread no odor.

Will using Queen’s menstrual cup be messy and all over the place?

No! Once you figure out the insertion and removal procedures complimenting your body, the Queen’s menstrual cups are the tidiest, at least more than pads that have blood spread and tampons with frequent leakages.

How can I reinsert my cup if I have to use a public toilet, with no water?

If you have to use a public toilet without water, dump the matter and clean the remnants on the Queen’s menstrual cup with any kind of paper or wipes and insert it back into your vagina. Once you get back into a better place, you may give it a thorough rinse! That said, a nearby convenience store can help you in getting a bottle of water.

How often do I need to empty my cup?

You need to empty the Queen’s menstrual cup every 10-12 hours, as it is capable of holding long hours, unlike pads and tampons. But, depending on your flow, you may need to empty it more often (maybe every 6-8 hours) on the first two days.

How should I store the Queen’s menstrual cup?

The best way to store a Queen’s menstrual cup is in a cotton bag or any other alternative with good airflow. If you’ve got a medical shelf, you can even keep it open. Don’t use plastic containers or bags to store the Queen’s menstrual cups.

How often do I have to sterilize the Queen’s menstrual cup?

You must rinse and wash your Queen’s menstrual cup every time you take it out. Sterilization in boiling water has to be done, every month after one menstrual cycle ends before storage. Make sure that the cup doesn’t come in direct touch with the bottom of a hot pan that can lead to its disintegration.

How do I know if the Queen’s menstrual cup is correctly placed and popped up?

Make sure that while inserting the Queen’s menstrual cup, don’t keep it straight. Instead, tilt it at an angle that goes parallel to that of your vagina. Try rotating the cup to make sure it’s popped out. You can also feel the bottom of the cup bulged from all sides if it is completely open inside.

How do I know my correct size of Queen’s menstrual cup?

Generally, anybody below 30 or haven’t delivered vaginally can go for the small size of Queen’s menstrual cups and, those above 30 or have given birth vaginally can opt for a bigger one. Another way to identify your size is by feeling the height of your cervix using your fingers. Try inserting your finger into your vagina. If you can feel the end of your cervix just as you put your finger in, you have a short cervix and a smaller size of Queen’s menstrual cup might be the right one for you. If your finger needs to travel to reach the final spot or you can’t feel the end, you have a larger cervix and larger sized cups might suit your body. Some trials and errors will finally help you in finding the right one for you!

How do I know the right time to replace my Queen’s menstrual cup with a new one?

If your Queen’s menstrual cup is worn out, damaged, or has any kinds of chokes, you might have to get a new one. Staining is normal and need not be a reason to get a new cup!

How can the Queen’s menstrual cup be more worth it?

Apart from the added comfort, you can track your menstrual flow quite easily as the Queen’s menstrual cup collects the blood along with markings to measure the amount of fluid. Also, doing your part to conserve the environment is a great feeling in itself, isn’t it?

Why do I feel difficult to insert when I haven’t got my periods, but might anytime soon?

It might feel quite hard to insert the Queen’s menstrual cup when you’re not on your periods, as the muscles get strained in the process. Period blood lubricates your vagina and hence facilitates the insertion and removal processes. Also, if you want to be prepared, lubricating the Queen’s menstrual cup with a water-based solution will do the job. Even if you haven’t got your periods, make sure you remove and reinsert them every 8-10 hours.

Why will I spend so much when there are inexpensive options?

The price for one Queen’s menstrual cup may appear to be quite big when compared to pads or tampons. But, one packet of pads might last for one or two cycles while a menstrual cup can last almost up to 10 years! We offer high durability and long-term effectiveness; hence the expenditure is worth considering the enhanced menstrual experience.

Why do I have holes in my Queen’s menstrual cups? Will they lead to any leakage?

The holes on Queen’s menstrual cups are designed to enhance the suction feature to hold your cup in your vagina. This will not lead to any leakage being close to the rims.

Can I use it if I have an STD or a latex allergy?

Yes, none of these are in any way a restriction from using the Queen’s menstrual cups. It is made of medical-grade silicone and can never cause any harm in case of any allergy.

Can I use it if I have long nails?

Definitely! The Queen’s menstrual cups can survive but make sure you don’t scratch the skin of your intimate parts. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands well, as your nails can have deposits beneath.

Can I use the Queen’s menstrual cup when I swim or hike?

The Queen’s menstrual cup can be your best friend despite whatever your activity level is, from hiking to swimming, from weightlifting to athletics, from the gymnasium to water sports! You think of anything except sexual intercourse, we owe to offer you comfort as far as you’ve chosen the right size and inserted precisely.

Can I use the Queen’s menstrual cups during my pregnancy as I still have spotted them at times?

We, at Queen’s, wouldn’t advise on using it during your pregnancy period. Your vagina needs to breathe well during this period and it goes through various chemical reactions causing pH level imbalance in your intimate areas. And hence using a Queen’s menstrual cup wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Let your vagina feel free from everything!

Can I use the Queen’s menstrual cups if I have a low cervix?

Yes, definitely! The Queen’s menstrual cup matches with ladies who have a low cervix. You would want to choose a shorter size with a larger diameter.

Can I use the Queen’s menstrual cups during my post-partum bleeding?

We would never recommend you to use the Queen’s menstrual cup at the post-partum period until your doctor nods a ‘yes’ to use internal vaginal products.

Can I wash the Queen’s menstrual cups in a washing machine or at laundry?

Though Queen’s menstrual cups are strong enough to sustain the drill of a washing machine, we would not recommend this. Please rinse and clean your caps using your hands and don’t wash them in a laundry.

Can I use the Queen’s menstrual cup if I’m using a vaginal ring for birth control?

Yes, but make sure you insert your ring before putting it in the Queen’s menstrual cup. Also, while removing the cup, make sure your ring doesn’t move or come out. In case it does, re-position it inside your vagina.

Can I use the Queen’s menstrual cup if I’m a teenager and have got my first periods?

Yes, the only mandatory to use a menstrual cup is to get your periods! You have got the red stain once, and you’re qualified well to use the Queen’s menstrual cups. In fact, we have a special one for first-time period users; you might give it a try!

Do I need more than one Queen’s menstrual cup with me at a time?

No, you don’t need more than one Queen’s menstrual cup at a time as you can re-use it every time you need to change! But probably you might need to make a trial or two to choose the right size complimenting your intimate area.

Do I need to use a sanitary pad even after inserting a Queen’s menstrual cup?

Well, we can assure you that once inserted the right way; you wouldn’t need any backing up for the Queen’s menstrual cups. But, until you feel confident in them you may want to keep a liner or pad to ensure there isn’t any leakage. You may do that until you feel comfortable!

Does the cadmium in my Queen’s menstrual cup lead to any issue?

Cadmium is found in every raw stone of silicone and it can never lead to any discomfort of medical after effects. In fact, many of the food you consume daily have quite high amounts of cadmium, much lesser than that found in our Queen’s menstrual cups.

Does the Queen’s menstrual cup protect me from STDs and STIs?

No, the Queen’s menstrual cup will not protect you from any Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). So, please take your precautionary measures whenever necessary.

Does the Queen’s menstrual cup contain harmful silicone?

No, the Queen’s menstrual cup is developed using 100% medical-grade silicone that is safe for the intimate areas. It has no traces of silicone abstracts that might prove faulty.

Doesn’t the menstrual blood flow back to the uterus if blocked by a Queen’s menstrual cup?

Never! The menstrual blood once out of the uterus will not travel back into the same place of origin. The cervix prevents the flow back to the uterus in women’s bodies.

What if my cups get stained from the menstrual blood?

The staining of Queen’s menstrual cups is normal. It can never lead to an infection or internal irritation.

What if my size is heavier or thinner than the normal female bodies?

Queen’s menstrual cups celebrate diversity, enabling all ladies to use them. Be it heavy or light, low or high cervix, we have menstrual cups for every size, shape, and typology.

What if I can feel the Queen’s menstrual cup inside and it irritates my instincts?

Once inserted and popped correctly, you will not even feel the Queen’s menstrual cup inside your body. If the stem is sticking outside your vagina, you can trim it short according to your convenience.

What if I have already failed using tampons, are Queen’s menstrual cups any different?

Yes, cups and tampons have a different mode of working. While tampons absorb the blood that can be quite irritating to many, the Queen’s menstrual cups collect the blood which can be a relief to many! We’ve had users who successfully switched from tampons to pads and are quite happy about the transformation!

What if Queen’s menstrual cups develop yeast infections out of stored blood for a long time?

Don’t fear at all, as the collection of blood inside your vagina doesn’t affect the overall pH balance in the interior. There is no chance of any kind of infection.

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