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We, at the Queen’s, is all about you, indeed! With young minds pondering over solutions and answers to the betterment of women’s lives and menstrual hygiene, we promise to offer the best options in terms of comfort, quality, and prices. All our products comply with the ISO 13485 and are proudly tested and certified by SGS and FDA. We right now, with our menstrual cups, are on a mission to educate women on the advanced ways to achieve incredible personal hygiene during their ‘red cycles’. Kicking off, we aim to dedicate our services to other products that can prove useful and empowering to the women of our homes! You ask us,
‘What makes us happy?’
We say, ‘More women soaring high without strings and wings, but using menstrual cups and lesser pads and tampons buried in the sea and eaten by the fishes!’


At Queen’s menstrual cups, we are a diverse team full of passion. We exist to make a positive impact on the world, and we believe that we can do that through honest relations, building expertise, and listening to the feedback of our customers. We strive to provide affordable menstrual cups by sharing knowledge and good practice.


Period pollution is a global issue at the intersection of gender and environmental justice. A major barrier to the introduction of cups is the lack of knowledge among women, governments, and donors. Our vision is to make every woman feel empowered to live their periods with dignity and free of shame. But our work doesn’t stop once someone receives a cup. We also strive to dismantle menstrual taboos and deliver sound education on reproductive health and menstrual care. We strive to eradicate Period poverty globally ensuring healthy and happy periods for women and make them capable to rule the flow.

Not from us, here from world…

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influencer holding queens m Cup in her hands

Switching to Queen’s menstrual cup has to be the best decision I’ve ever made! Since then, I have said goodbye to rashes and skin irritation.

Theertha anilkumar (Vlogger)

Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup in India

I love beaches, and stepping into the waters and taking a dip is my favorite thing to do. I used to plan my trips according to my menstrual calendar. It doesn’t matter anymore as Queen’s menstrual cup makes me feel the same. I can swim even on my first day of the cycle!

Gouri Krishna (nutritionist)

influencer with Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup in India

Running to the washroom at random sets in between overnight shoots has always been tiring. Using Queen’s menstrual cup helps me stay productive for long hours! No more hustling to find a toilet!

Anju sherly (Radio jockey)

Most Comfortable Menstrual Cup in India

I made many changes in my life, from avoiding leather and plastic to eating vegan! Disposing of sanitary pads has always made me feel guilty. Well, not anymore, I’m glad to contribute less to the waste generated in this world! Thank you Queen’s menstrual cup!

Abreeda (Law student)

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