Are periods bad? Does that make women any weaker or messier? Is menstruation a don’t-talk-about-it matter? We know, you’d have heard and believed many of these myths associated with periods that we are about to burst. We wouldn’t be surprised if you gasp at our revelations! Let’s see!

1. ‘Periods’ equals to ‘Dirty’!

In Nepal, women on their periods are shifted to cattle sheds, or outer kitchens during their periods. In many parts of India, women aren’t allowed to enter the kitchens during ‘that time of the month’. The clothes of menstruating women are washed and dried separately. And it doesn’t end there, they are even considered impure to have sex.

Well, the period blood is as ‘blood’ as the one that runs through your body, in fact with a lesser saturation. The menstrual fluid incorporates only 35% of blood along with the endometrial tissues, mucus, and a few healthy bacteria, all of which are pure enough to nurture and develop a child inside your uterus. How ironic is that! Unless a lady is infected with any disease affecting the blood (such as blood cancer), neither the period blood nor she herself is impure. Hope that wraps this well-spread superstition.

2. Tampons! Cups! Oh, My Virginity!

‘What! You can’t insert anything into the vagina until you get married!’
‘These things break your hymen!’
‘Are you mad to lose your virginity using these modern kinds of stuff?’ Sounds familiar? Well, hail us and our misconceptions! Tampons and cups are newer alternatives to sanitary pads, reviewed to be more comfortable than the latter. Your virginity can never be indicated by a thin tissue that can be broken by any high-core activity from swimming to athletics. It’s high time these myths are debunked from our minds and societies.

3. Period sex cannot make you pregnant!

When your sex-expert friend advises you on this the next time, don’t fall into the trap. Though the chances of getting pregnant on your periods in minimum, it is not null. As the sperms can survive in a woman’s body for as long as 10 days after intercourse, pregnancy can still occur, beware!

4. Washed your hair, no wonder you don’t conceive!

This one is as commonly propagated as bizarre it is! Women with their crimson stains are not advised to wash their hairs or take a bath in many parts of our country. Why? Since it affects your fertility. Also, you’re anyway impure, why take an effort in bathing and keeping up with hygiene?

Ladies, the red cycle doesn’t affect your routine in any way, neither the hygiene activities you do daily. In fact, taking a shower and a little bit of self-care and pampering can make you feel better. The water that cleanses your head has nothing to do with the future baby in your tummy!

5. PMS is nothing more than crankiness!

Nah! During the menstruation period, women go through huge hormonal variations that can affect her mood mentally, strength physically and interactions socially! Oh, wait, that doesn’t make her any weaker to do the work that he is doing. The Pre-Menstrual Syndrome shows in different ways from bloating to undeniable cramps. Many of us find it utterly hard to get up from the bed while some throw out everything they eat. Some turn anxious while a few are bound to have imbalanced bowel movements. It’s a medical condition that 20% of ladies go through, and so isn’t just ‘any other pain’.

Also, to add, not all women experience PMS! They can probably have fatigue or breast tenderness which also comes under the word. So employing the word ‘PMS’ for actual anger or irritation due to external reasons doesn’t make you any cool either, people.

6. Red days? No Exercise!

Doing a few squats or lifting some weights while on your period days cannot cause any harm to you. There is no scientific clarification for this fact that carrying out high- level activities can destruct your womb or make you infertile. An evening walk by the beach or a cycling session or even dancing to music can help in making your mood better and healing your painful cramps.

7. Syncing periods in women living together

We know, it has happened a zillion times to you. You might have twinned with your hostel-mate having the red flow on the same days. Your sister might have got her periods earlier to match with yours. But, none of them happen on any other basis than hormonal deviations, and your menstrual cycle.

Stay aware that your cycle can last for 28-35 days and is controlled by various internal factors like the lifestyle you embody, the food you consume, the stress you deal with and the locational factors of the place you live in. Your sister getting her periods earlier has got absolutely nothing with your cycle, for it can any of these factors in her body. With all these reasons governing the
arrival of the ‘period goddess’, things can sync up, at times.

8. Periods are shameful, to be hidden!

Well, we ladies are at fault for this one, in the first place! Only if we own our periods and get ready to not slicker away from telling about it to the world, a revolution will kick start. If we keep covering our sanitary napkins in newspapers and hide the tampons beneath our sleeves, nothing is going to change. Don’t step back from asking out loud if you need a pad from a friend, no more whispering in the ears. Next time, when you feel low on your red times, tell your boss the right reason for leave instead of a bland fever or headache. Educate your kids, tell them it’s as normal as anything else like digestion or excretion! End the silence and shriek it loud!

9. Periods? Women issue!

One point, straight and clear. Not all women get periods and it’s not just women who menstruate! While we talk about inclusivity in today’s times, let’s admit the fact that intersex, transgender, and gender non-binary humans bleed too!

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