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Relax and free your mind of any stress. This will help in loosening your muscles for easy insertion. Also, wash your hands clean!


Take an easy squat position, or sit over the closet so that your hands can easily reach your intimate region.


Hold the Queen’s menstrual cup with the other hand by its base, find your comfortable fold and slowly insert it horizontally. It will end up in the bottom portion of your cervix.


Once the cup goes in, rotate it by pinching on to the base, and not the stem. This will help the cup to stand airtight, sealed by vacuum to avoid any leakages.


You might hear a ‘pop’ sound if it’s inserted properly, if not, you can check at the base if bulging out well.

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Trim the Cup

One last tip to keep your comfort foremost, if the stem bothers you in case of a lower cervix height, you’re free to cut them short.

Where does the Queens cup sit?

The vagina

This is where your Queens cup will sit

The Queens Cup

If inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel your Queens Cup.

Here are a few folds our clients found easy!

The C-Fold or U-Fold

Use your thumb and other fingers on either side of the Queen’s menstrual cup just below the rim to flatten and fold the cup into a c-shape (or U-shape).

The Punch-down Fold

(This has been the most loved by all!) Hold the cup in your palm and push down one edge by its rim using your thumb to give it a streamlined shape for easy insertion.

The 7-Fold

Hold the cup with both your hands and flatten it just below the rim. Now, fold the right corner of the flattened cup towards the stem and you’re ready to go!

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